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Next Round of Donations

Hi Angel💫 This cute little CharlestheFirst sticker/magnet is available for a limted time. I know some of you guys were interested in these items because I included them in my last round of donations, so here todau is your chance to grab these goodies if you were not able to partake in my last donations. I only have 10 packs available right now & the money is going to samples for my next round donations :)

1 CTF 4”x4” magnet

1 CTF 4”x4 sticker

3 glowiiscape stickers

No products found. Please add some products to the collection first.
About  Donations..

I offical can raise dontaions for Crown The Foundation!

 CharlesTheFirst /CrownTheFoundations to raise donations for Crown The Foundation

Occassionally thoughout the year, I will bea accecpt CTF custom orders or have a limtied drop of items.

All items will come with a “Authorize CrownTheFoundation & Cei Estate” tag which means it’s been approved by the foundation. Moving forward, you guys will know whats legit or not. 

90% of each order each release will be donated to Crown The Foundation.

Once Purchased, all sales are FINAL